Apartments in İstanbul


Luxury apartments in Istanbul
You are planning a one-month business or leisure trip to Istanbul and you are looking for  affordable accommodation. Should you stay in a hotel? No, they are too expensive for a one-month stay. Should you go for villas? No, they are even more expensive. Go for luxury apartments in Istanbul as they are far more pocket-friendly than hotels and villas in the region. There are Istanbul furnished apartments that are considered ideal for expats and business/leisure travelers. Whether you are touring Istanbul in a group or all alone, choosing an apartment for staying here for a month or two can be a wise option. On the other hand, you can enjoy good bargains on apartment rentals during your stay in Istanbul. Istanbul Limousine can help you find the best apartments.

How to find the best Istanbul apartment?
One easy way to find a good apartment in Istanbul is to network among friends and acquaintances is to network among your friends who have been to Istanbul before. However, if that fails, you can use our website to find the cheapest apartments in Istanbul. Istanbul Limousine is not just a limo rental company, we are a full-service destination management company covering all aspects of travelling, accommodation, dining and sightseeing. Choose one of our listed apartments and grab greater value for money.

Where should you stay in Istanbul?
Istanbul is the only city in the world that sits on the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Even if you have a shoestring budget, you should choose from apartments in Istanbul. Here below are few places in Istanbul worth living in for a few days, perhaps for a lifetime.

  • Beşiktaş: This is a neighborhood mostly inhabited by peace-loving Turkish families and cities. Due to its proximity to several Bosphorus neighborhoods, the place has a cosmopolitan charm and some of the best restaurants in Istanbul are located in and around this area.  Apartments are mostly new. 
  • Galata: Galata is a peaceful neighborhood where you can find a bevy of artisan and boutique shops. In this area, you can find many art galleries. Galata is home to many historic buildings in Istanbul. The neighborhood lies close to the subway lines, and you may enjoy easy access to other areas of Istanbul. 
  • Cihangir: Cihangir is the nerve centre of Istanbul’s art and culture scene. From this neighborhood, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Marmaris. This place is highly popular among expats looking for luxury apartments in Istanbul. 
  • Kadıköy: Kadıköy is a serene neighborhood that offers accommodation options aplenty to expats and tourists to Istanbul.
If you want find good apartments in Istanbul, you should search properties in other areas of Istanbul. Istanbul Limousine is committed to provide you with the best luxury accommodation within your budget. If you are keen about staying in an apartment, (recommended for budget travelers who are here to stay for more than a few weeks) you can contact us. However, we also offer cheap accommodation to short-term travelers. Just visit our online catalogue of apartments in Istanbul to find the best accommodation.
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