Armoured Vehicle Hire


Istanbul limousine service is proud to introduce a new range of armoured vehicles, to offer clients utmost safety and peace of mind when they are travelling. Istanbul is the precious gem of Turkey. This historically rich city has natural beauty and modern sophistication that attracts the attention of all. However, we understand the importance of safety and security while travelling to a beautiful location. It could be a business trip or maybe you would need professional assistance in order to travel with precious articles. With our security facilities, it would be easy for you to make your travel plans or transportation designs without any complication. Our armoured vehicles are designed to offer ultimate safety and it can match your requirements in performance, comfort, and safety. 


Our security vehicle uses latest high tech armour to make sure that our services can offer you high level of protection during the transport. However, we have never compromised with the comfort features of the vehicle. We have extensive experience in the transportation field and we have gained insight on the requirements of the clients. Therefore, we have weaved a flexible service structure and price range for the clients. 


Our armoured cars are equipped with bullet-resistant glass and its body is designed with ballistic composite material.  However, the armouring process of the vehicle is maintained in such manner that it doesn’t look any different than any other vehicle. Istanbul limo understands the requirement of style and fashion while you are travelling or using transportation from point A to point B. Therefore, we have equipped the trendiest vehicle models with armour for your protection. Our vehicles can meet the toughest security measures for clients and help them to enjoy their transportation experience with us. 


We have successfully utilized latest lightweight armouring technology. This facility allows they vehicles to become very capable in taking care of the passengers but it doesn’t compromise with the comfort and luxury requirement of clients. Some of us have the impression that celebrities and business tycoons can afford these facilities. But with our special pricing structure, it is easy to utilize the benefit of armoured vehicles. Our armoured car services come with an experiences chauffer. We can offer you special close protection services by bringing professionals in the fold. We have been in this work field for years now and our increasing fame vouches for our success. 


We understand that the intensifying social and official life can put anyone in the crosshairs of miscreants. Therefore, we have designed our services in such a manner that it can help you in making elaborate plans for the trip to Istanbul and enjoy your stay with the secured transport facilities of Turkey limousine. 


 The lightweight armour used in the vehicle can improve performance and maintain stability of the vehicle with ease. Therefore, our security armoured car services would never fail to deliver you best possible travel performance. Aside from offering high quality services our facilities come with feasible pricing structure as well.