Close Protection


Istanbul limousine service has gained a high reputation in the transportation field by offering close protection services. Our service quality is always suited to match the preference of clients. By gaining extensive experience in this particular field and by working for diplomats, VIPs, business executives, etc we have successfully assembled an association of close protection providing professionals who can handle any issue without complication. We have worked in various types of environment and with the help of security professionals; we have managed to offer safe transportation to the clients. Our security personnel are experts in what they do. We these professionals by following a very strict recruitment process. In this process, we go through the previous work record of the professional and then analyze their attitude, mind set, experience, and capability levels. Our ion process is based on finding the best close protection expert who can undertake the responsibility of your safety and work as a professional without hindering your comfort or luxury needs. 


Our professionals are well educated in their field and each of them posses a high degree in varieties of tactical, security related subjects for your protection. Out professionals can help you with basic medical treatment as well if needed. As our professionals are ed from various private and government organizations, they can easily maintain discipline, protocols, and diplomacy. Success of our work venture goes to our meticulous nature and insight on your requirements.  We listen to our clients and try to understand their requirements and desires. It helps us to make the right plan for your transportation with close protection facility. Istanbul limousine has worked for clients from various standards and business fields. Therefore, our experience and skill have improved in a drastic manner and it can help you out ion making a safe and memorable transportation process. 


Our close protection work is designed to deliver results without any complication. In order to reach this conclusion, our professionals can work in co-ordination. We treat these services as an operation and our professionals make sure to maintain protocols and resolutions for a successful conclusion of the process. Or services can assess low, medium, ort high risk patterns and then we design the strategy to develop a protection plan for our clients. Often modern individuals feel that these services can only be affordable by celebrities, politicians, and business tycoons. But, in reality, Istanbul limo ‘close protection’ services come with an affordable price tag. So, it is fair to state that our services are designed for individuals of various different standards and work sectors. 


Turkey limousine service providers follow a series of steps in order to assess the threat type and problem level. It allows us to create a successful plan for your transport and manage the whole process with ease. We are trained and experienced professionals and our increasing fame vouches for our resolve in delivering the best possible solution of or your close protection requirements. Obtaining our services would surely  lead you to a successful transport experience.