Diplomatic and Offical Visits


Searching for discreet transfer services in Istanbul? With the plethora of companies now at the disposal of the common man, it is understandable how difficulties are likely to arise when it comes to choosing the most reliable one. At Istanbul Limousine, we offer amenities like no other and that has resulted in many making a beeline to avail our top-notch transfer services. Our provision of VIP, diplomatic and official transportation services ranks higher to many of our competitors for our staffs are adept at handling transfers to and from all the major train stations, docks and airports VIP suites.


As a renowned luxury transportation company that offers both executive and leisure chauffeured transportation services round the clock, we ensure that all your needs are met, regardless of the event that caused you to opt for such services. We understand how much it matters when foreign delegates or your business peers attend important meetings and you need to put your best foot forward. Diplomatic and official visits have become common in most companies. If you fail to treat your delegates well, it is quite natural that you risk the reputation of your company before them or you might be prevented from participating in something major concerning your company also. Now keep all such thoughts at bay for we are here. Our transfer services include limousines and cars, corporate car services and even group shuttles, depending on your requirements and convenience. All you have to do is give us a quick call and get the bookings done to obtain all such benefits that you have only dreamt of till date. 


The best thing about our luxury chauffeur driven cars is that they will transfer you to and from the address you provide. In fact, that is not all. Our staffs will ensure that all the exacting procedures and protocols accompanying VIP arrivals and departures are completed in a convenient way. It simply does not matter if your flight or train is late for we are highly flexible in our services. Even if there are changes to schedules, train or flight timings and passenger arrangements we usually cope with it. That we charge no extra cash for the extended waiting times for VIP or diplomatic arrivals and departures definitely add brownie points!   


Many official visits are marked by something highly exclusive as private aircrafts or even jets. There is simply no problem if you wish to avail such. We know how to deal with the exact procedures here too. Most passengers have complaints about luggage and that is exactly why we make it a point to see that clients’ luggage is loaded on to the correct aircraft at the time of departure or our luxury limousines during arrivals.


Our exemplary levels of chauffeured services speak volumes about us. You are sure to find our highly trained and equipped chauffeurs meet the exacting standards. If they are chosen by us, it is only because of their extensive experience in catering to exact requirements of VIPs and other noted officials across all industries and environments. After all, client needs largely vary and dealing with the likes of many have indeed taught them to understand individual wants alongside providing unbeatable services. 


Istanbul Limo is a name to contend with at present as regards transfer services are concerned globally. If you wish to avail our royal transfer services, make haste. Our trained chauffeurs will ensure that VIPs and officials have the best experience while they are here. Contact us via phone or mail us without fail. We will be more than glad to help you.