Disabled Vehicle Hire


Istanbul limousine service offers you transport facilities with preferred specifications. Disabled individuals often find it problematic to find and vehicles of their own choosing with specific supporting instruments. In order to support the disabled clients, we have brought a new range of vehicles with latest specifications and features to suit the needs of disabled clients. Whether you have a disability of temporary or permanent nature, our vehicles can offer you easy transport facilities for a luxurious travel experience in Istanbul. 


Or services are designed to offer disabled individuals freedom of mobility. We are expert individuals and we have been serving clients with transport requirement for long now. Our extensive experience in this work field has offered us insight on your requirements and allowed us to offer you suitable services with ease. We have a huge collection of products, which can offer options to our services seekers. We are one of the largest disabled vehicle hire package provider and our hiring terms are designed to suite the financial limitation of clients. We maintain a feasible pricing structure for the benefit of the clients from different financial background. We understand how convenience is important for you and we make sure that our vehicle hire facilities can offer you such benefits with ease. 


Whether you would require assisted transport or making plan for a family trip in Istanbul, our services can be a great help to you. We can add preferred specification in the vehicle for you and make your transportation experience enjoyable. Istanbul limousine facilities can offer disabled individuals manual and automatic adjustment options in their preferred vehicle.


Adapted Vehicle Hire

Reduced mobility can put a hiatus in your travel or transport plan. Our vehicles are designed with specific adaptability features to suit your requirements. The driving and access devices we implement on the cars are capable of offering you a safe and comfortable transport with ease. Our car hiring or renting facilities come with various packages for the benefit of the clients. We offer varieties of steering aids, and other control facilities such as- hand controls to help with disabled driving. Here is a list of few facilities that come with our vehicles. 


Lever Pull Controls: For clients who have issues with using standard pedals on the vehicle floor to manage the speed and brakes of the vehicle, we have specially designed lever pull controls. These devices can easily propel and stop the vehicle by using hand movements. 


Steering Wheel Aid: Limited mobility in either arm can appear as a disability while you are trying to reach your destination in Istanbul or any other place in Turkey. These issues or problems can hinder your vehicle driving capability and restrain you from enjoying everything that this beautiful city of Turkey has to offer. With Istanbul limo for disabled, you can get preferred vehicles with steering wheel aid or ball. 


Wheelchair Topbox: adaptations like wheelchair top box can successfully help you out in driving a vehicle while sitting on your wheel chair. The top box can offer you better visibility and comfortable sitting in the vehicle. 


Our services are versatile and so are our resolve to offer our clients high quality transport facilities.