Esenboğa – Kızılay Transfer


When in Ankara, you simply cannot miss out on visiting the grand shopping centres in Kızılay. There you can find a huge area of restaurants, fish market and flower market. Kızılay, a neighbourhood in Ankara can be considered as one of the ultimate shopping destinations in Turkey. If you are planning to a make a trip to Kızılay directly from Ankara, we may come to your help. We, İstanbul Limousine offer car rental services for airport transfer. For your Esenboğa – Kızılay transfer let us be your guiding partner. We ensure you to transfer you to your desirable place at least possible time. Whether you have a business meet or any event to attend in Kızılay, our chauffeur-driven vehicles will make sure that you reach there on time. 


Our Range of Chauffeur-Driven Cars 

Apart from Limousines we also employ some of the high-class cars at your service. We have Mercedes S-Class, Audi S-Line, BMW series, Ferrari so on and so forth. Most of the car is built with the ability to handle tough driving challenges easily. Coming with Drive Performance Control program, cars like BMW 3 series allow the chauffeurs have control over driving. What is significant about these cars is that they are spacious offering enough leg room to the passengers and the driver. 


Most of them have classy chassis and luxurious interiors. Car models like Volkswagen EOS come with sliding sunroof allowing the passengers to enjoy their ride. 


İstanbul Limousine has always kept the best interest of their clients in mind. We therefore use only those vehicles at your service that comes with a large number of safety features such as disc brakes, stability control so on and so forth. If you wish to hire any of these cars from us, we recommend you to make an advance booking.


What is so Special about Our Chauffeurs? 

Considering the safety and security of our clients we make sure to work with experienced local chauffeurs. Each of our chauffeurs is trained individually with appropriate driving skills. During the training they are imparted with the traffic rules and regulations of various cities in Turkey. 


They are well-versed and friendly too. Apart from being a chauffeur, they can be your touring guide too. While journeying from Esenboğa to Kızılay they give you a brief description about the place you are to visit. If you want to avail their services, contact us today. We will be glad to help you.