Haydarpaşa Train Station


One of the most picturesque transport hubs in Istanbul is the Haydarpaşa trains station. This neoclassical building was originally gifted to the Sultan Abdulhamid II from Kaiser Wilhelm II, a German dursing the early 20th century. One look at this staggering architecture and you will understand how similar it looks to a German castle surrounded on all three sides by water. Though regular passenger service started as early as 1890, it was around 1906 that the building became a railway station. Much like its counterpart, Sirkeci, Haydarpaşa is a notable station and the connection between ferries and trains is quite active. For travellers, especially first timers who intend to delve into the richness of Istanbul availing train services, we offer you perfect train station transfer service. At Istanbul Limousine services, you can be sure of enjoying a journey that is high on merriment minus the hassles.


If you are a true train buff and prefer rail journeys to air, we are one of the few companies based in Istanbul who can make your journey worth remembering. Unlike the same air travel, we have dealt with several clients who feel train journeys are more fun. However, there is no need to panic if your train is running late for our drivers are well aware of delays and you can expect them to wait. They are so trained that they will carry the banner bearing your name or the company you belong to and identify you easily to escort to the plush limos or any other car model that you have ed. It is for this reason we usually tell clients to get the bookings done in advance, for last minute rushes are a tad hectic.


As an outstanding car and transfer service company, we usually keep a long fleet of vehicles to make it easier on the part of clients to choose. Our limos are usually the most popular ones for nothing beats them when it comes to privacy, comfort and luxury. Equipped with DVDs, LCD TVs, music players, air conditioning systems, refrigerators, mini bars and the like, there is nothing amiss here. All this means that you can simply soak in the luxury and reach your destination, keeping aside undue stress at bay. The simple fact is we keep traveller’s interests before everything else and that is exactly why you will find us doing everything we can to make the experience a satisfying one. If you wish to avail the same, contact us.


For those unaware about this, the famous station at Istanbul stands closed owing to the deadly fire that wreaked havoc in 2010. Since then, trains and ferry services have suffered. However, the redevelopment process has begun and the construction of a high speed rail line between Istanbul and Ankara is a testimony to it. Thankfully, the Turkish ministry of Culture and Tourism have approved a plan few months back to modernize the station so that the terminal of a new rail line is built.


If you are looking forward to your next visit to Istanbul contact our company at earliest. Our staffs will guide you so that you face no problems when arriving here. After all, there are ongoing projects in Haydarpasa and it is quite obvious that you will feel clueless. To avoid all such hassles, get in touch with our team at Istanbul Limousine and explore the city in full.