İstanbul – Ankara


Ankara or Angora, the capital of Turkey and the second largest of cities, was the cradle of Bronze Age Hattic civilization. The Celtic history of the region, its association with early istianity, and the current splendid vista of the city attract tourists in drones. The place is central to governmental activities, being an important industrial belt and a commerce hub for the rest of the country. Ankara’s geographical location is right at the point of crossroads, between the railway and highway networks. 


Ankara is surrounded by agricultural greenery and the trade vein of the place makes it a marketing ground for all the foods produced in nearby areas. Another reason why this place is prominent in the global map is because of its huge production of quality wool known worldwide as the Angora wool. The farmers of Ankara breed Angora goats, rabbits and cats that are the chief source of raw material for the wool. Of organic foods, honey, pears and muscat grapes produced in the region are also popular. 


The city’s historical center is mounted on the rocky hill zone at a height of 150 meters from the mean sea level. Though the city enjoys a rather dry climatic condition compared to the rest of Turkey, it is called a green city because of the steppe vegetation that encircles the cityscape. Being very old, it has innumerable sites of archeological interest from the times of Ottoman, Hittite, Hellenistic, Phrygian, Byzantine and Roman.


The distance from Istanbul to Ankara is an approx of 453.6 Kms. We take the E80 route which closes the distance in about 4 hours and 40 minutes. You can choose to cover the distance by driving to the place yourself or rent our chauffeured limousines to take you there. You can ask the chauffeur to stop at all points of interest on the way, if time is not a restraining factor here.