İstanbul – Bodrum


The port city of Bodrum is located off the southwestern tip of Aegean region. One of the city’s greatest attractions is the Mausoleum of Mausolus which is one among the present wonders of the world. The city attracts millions of tourists from all across the world by this star attraction site. It’s not just the castle that serves as an eye candy, but even its grounds that house the famous Museum of Underwater Archeology, which is another marvel for the visitors. The castle grounds hosts festivals all the year round, imported from different cultures which makes it quite a show for the people around the world. The best thing about Bodrum is perhaps the by-the-water sight after night fall. You might enjoy the view from a high-rise hotel room or take a cruise-ride in the still water of Bosphorus to enjoy the vita that unfolds. 


Bodrum from İstanbul is a pretty long way, measuring 787 Km through the D565 route. Our limousines normally take this route, unless requested otherwise, taking about 12 hours to reach the destination. Other routes that lead to the city, D650 takes 13 and a half hours. You may also take a drive yourself, even though being behind the wheels for 12 hours at a stretch can be very exhausting. Nevertheless, the roads are in very good shape and they are signposted for the driving convenience of foreigners. The drive once you enter Bodrum is scenic in all sense. You may halt at the roadside rest spots on the way from light refreshment.