İstanbul – Çorlu


Çorlu, a rapidly growing industrial city is just 120 Kms away from Istanbul in the Eastern Thrace region of Turkey. The highlight of Corlu is the fact that it is growing up an industrial center. The city has innumerable archeological spots wherefrom relics from the Bronze Age have been found. Çorlu has innumerable plush hotels where tourists from across the world lodge in during their visit in the city. The place has innumerable restaurants that offer fine dining experience by doling out mouthwatering delicacies, serving them in fine ambiences.


There are innumerable places where you can be when in Çorlu. The Selimiye Mosque Complex is one of the greatest attractions that you can explore to treat your eyes with architectural marvel. Aside, Arcadiapolis is another place to hit for the tourists. The famous battlefields of Gallipoli may draw your interest for a while, if you are interested to see some real life history. For women and shoppers, the Orion Shopping Mall is the best place to find every Turkish and foreign. We offer car transfer services to all these points, on prior booking. 


Çorlu is located on the highways O-3/E 80 and D 100, both of which connect the country with the rest of Europe. We take the O-3, which is the shortest connection with Çorlu from Istanbul. Our chauffeurs can make the distance within a time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Make your booking prior to the date of travelling in order to enjoy hassle-free travelling.