İstanbul - Bursa


Bursa – Uludağ

Bursa is a Turkish city located in the north-western part of Anatolia, the strip the geographically falls within the region of Marmara. Ranked the fourth most populous city in Turkey, Bursa, with its urban flourish and historical origination has a mixed essence of both. The land serves as the foundation ground for mausoleums from the Ottoman era. Bursa is believed to be the place where shadow play characters named Hacivat and Karagöz breathed their last. 


The best thing about Bursa is the plethora of dishes that are served to the tourists by local cooks. A wide array of dishes from the Turkish culinary are cooked in the innumerable restaurants that dot the cityscape doling out deliciously fuming dishes at small prices. İskender kebap, marron glacés, etc., are some of the names that deserve special mention among the most-loved dishes. Aside, several other attractions that keep the tourists engaged and coming back are the Grand Mosque, Bayezid I Mosque, Hüdavendigar Mosque, Yeşil Mosque, Bursa Castle are much more. 


It takes about 3 hours 45 minutes to reach Bursa from the city of İstanbul via the E80 route. Elapsing a distance of about 239.2 Kms, we offer to drive you directly to Uludag with a halt or drop-off at Bursa. Since the distance between Istanbul and Uludağ can only be crossed on a cable car, we take the route through Busra to stay on road. Uludağ is basically a national park, and a resort for winter sports. Standing at an altitude of 8,343 ft, the journey to the national park is often a discouragement for most. From Bursa, our chauffeurs take the tarmac 22 Km winding road that leads straight into the park. Thus, you can as well avoid the cable car way if the risks of the journey make you apprehensive.