İstanbul Hotels


If you are headed for Istanbul and you are too optimistic about catching a breathtaking view of the Bosphorus, you need to find the best hotels in Istanbul. Luxury hotels in Istanbul are primarily centered in the upscale neighborhoods in the city. Some of the best boutique hotels are clustered in the Sultanahmet region of the city, which is again the most hip and happening area in the city. However, if you are on a budget and you are looking for Istanbul hotels that can offer you greater value for your money coupled with world-class hospitality and delectable food and cocktail, here below is a brief guide to help you with your Istanbul hotel search.

We, being a premier destination management company in Istanbul, enjoy our professional tie-ups with some of the best hotels in this Turkish cultural and tourism capital. Owing to our affiliation with these hotels, we can offer you the best deals on hotel bookings in Istanbul, whether you are travelling alone or in a group. Just contact with any of our experienced tour conductors to get the best deals on hotels in Istanbul.

Here below is a comprehensive list of Istanbul hotels for your easy further reference.

Keep in mind that with the growth of tourism, hotels have rapidly mushroomed in and around Istanbul. However, not all of these hotels meet the true global standards, in terms of food quality or hospitality as a whole. Therefore, you need to be very ive while choosing a hotel in Istan.buk, no matter whether you are going to spend a night or a whole month. Some of the most famous hotels are clustered along the Istiklal Street in Istanbul. Many old mansions have lately been converted into boutique hotels and you can stay in any of these hotels to enjoy a slice of luxury with nostalgia.

Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul
This palace-turned-hotel proffers the best of glamour and luxury. This erstwhile Ottoman palace has been restored, but the overall ambience has not been compromised a bit. The 5-star hotel endows every guest with an amazing view of the Bosphorus which borders Ciragan Palace.

Four Seasons Bosphorus Istanbul
Four Season Bosphorus is yet another 19-th century palace that lies on the European shore of Bosphorus. This hotel has 25 deluxe suits and 141 guestrooms in total. In these rooms, you can find the rare confluence of contemporary design patterns and Ottoman design norms. The hotel is ideally located in the Sultanahmet region of Istanbul. You will be amazed to know that a neoclassical prison (Sultanahmet Prison), was beautifully restored and redecorated to build this grandiloquent hotel. This is where time has stopped forever.

Hyatt Regency Istanbul
Hyatt Regency Istanbul rightly lives up to the brand value and image of the Hyatt Group of Hotels that are spread across the world. The hotel overlooks the turquoise Bosphorus.

Intercontinental Hotel
If you are looking for a hotel close to the centre of the city, Istanbul Limousine highly recommends Intercontinental Hotel. Ideally nestled against the picturesque Bosphorus, the hotel has earned rave reviews for the unmatched service and the truly global standard amenities that they offer. You can almost feel the animated spirit of the centuries-old city by choosing to stay in Intercontinental, which lies very close to Taksim Square.

Les Ottomans
Hotel Les Ottomans is known for the breathtaking view of the Bosphorus that you can enjoy through almost every windowpane, world-class hospitality, and the delectable food and beverages they serve. The 10 deluxe suits are truly mesmerizing.

The Sofa
The Sofa Hotel offers a concoction of luxury, personalization and epicurean delight. It has 82 large guest rooms, 17 Executive Suites and meeting halls.

If you want to find the best Istanbul hotel within your budget or you are looking for exclusive deals on hotel bookings, contact Istanbul Limousine. We are one of the pioneer destination management companies in Istanbul offering best Istanbul hotel deals.
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