İstanbul - Kocaeli


İstanbul - Kocaeli/ İzmit

Located at about 107.9 Km away, izmit is the administrative center of the province of Kocaeli. The city holds innumerable historical architectures that include the temple of Demeter, the tombs of the Hellenistic Üçtepeler, remains of roman city structures like aqueducts, city walls, cisterns, etc., the Byzantine fortress and much more. There are innumerable things you can do in Izmit, and exploring the points of interest alone makes the most of it. 


The Ephesus Museum is a great place to be in when looking to scavenge through curious exported from time. Kordonboyu, İzmir Wild Life Park, Birgi Cakiraga Mansion, etc., are the places that you might find interest in exploring. These places top the best places of interest in the city. The Kemeralti Market is the place where you should be when looking to shop mind blowing stuffs at unimaginable prices. 


İzmit from Istanbul is about 1 hour 30 minutes away, or maybe lesser, if you travel with us. We offer the fastest transportation to and from the city of izmit in our most luxurious vehicles. Our trained chauffeurs will take you through to the point of destination in bare-minimum time frame. Call us today to book your favorite care with us.