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Owning or renting a villa in Istanbul may seem to be difficult because of its language and vastness of the city. In other European cities, buying an apartment has become less troublesome, thanks to numerous search websites who act as a guide whereas Istanbul does not proffer adequate search options to make your task hassle-free. However Istanbul Limousine has a galore of villas to offer, no matter you want to get settled in the city or take the pleasure of travelling alone.
It goes without saying that our Istanbul Limousine service would be your best bet, to assist your family in searching a villa. We have listed a great number of perfect holiday villas for rent and sale all throughout the city. We do offer villas in the commuter areas, with prestigious health club and spa facilities in tranquil surroundings. You would definitely fall in love with these royal villas that are tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Make a note of the following things you need to keep in mind while you are in the searching process:

  • If you are looking for properties with sea views, look for the villas for sale above the Golden Horn. Not only these villas offer you experience wonderful panoramas, even the hot summer months will be cooler here.
  • Off the beaten track villas for sale in Istanbul has proven to be the most effective investment that would probably make an instant profit. 
  • A plethora of luxury residential villas are there for sale to choose from.

Our expert property advisors
After a decade in the business, we are here to provide advices on everything about Turkey, no matter be it a travel guide, luxury Turkish villas or Istanbul limousine service. Our professional advisors are there to assist you in the searching process of Turkey’s extraordinary villas.

Following are some of the popular areas where we have villas for you to buy 

Galata: Expats flock here for its history and beauty. Its history has been manifested by the old buildings with ornate wall mouldings, wooden floors, and ornamental hangings. With the changing time, Gatala has become one of the popular tourist spot. Innumerable art galleries have mushroomed up in recent years. Villas here are also spacious with high ceilings and wall width. Unfortunately you won't find supermarkets in and around Galata. However the small markets offer a wide range of products, like lime and coconut milk, etc. This area would make a great pick for those without a car. However, that the area is quite hilly.

Kemerburgaz: It is located approximately 30 minutes from the central part of Istanbul. A wide range of cafes, sports facilities, and restaurants are some of the aspects that make this suburban area most sought after.

Bahcesehir: Here you will come across a wide range of villas with local shops, supermarkets, movie halls, swimming pools, playground, with schools, and a health centre. Most importantly to reach this place, it will take 40 minutes from Taksim by Metrobus or private cars.
If you would like to have some more details about some aspects of buying a lavish villa in Turkey, you can contact us. Our experts at Istanbul Limousine will provide you professional guidance to buying property in Turkey. Additionally we would give you tips on legal procedures and tax involved in the buying process.
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