Limousines: Beauty on Wheels
Stretch limousines, the pinnacle of luxury automobiles, are a class apart from other saloon cars. While all models, regular and exclusive side up, the limousines collect on the other side, drawing a line of distinction by the characters of luxury and élan. However, as king-size and kingly these rides are, they also claim a good amount to be yours. Most people are not comfortable with that chunky an investment for just the passion of it. Yet, this car can all be yours for a tentative period of time through a rental contract. Yes, Istanbul limousine, like all others premium vehicles, are also available on rental plans. 

The Show
There are more than enough reasons why you’d want to hire this Cadillac of automobiles from whichever brand that is. Limousines, the presidential one or not, is a beast with features unmatchable with those of other vehicles. The long, stretched exterior of the car sports an unbelievable paint job that casts a glassy effect. The front and tail designs, every detail including the tail lights, grille, headlights, etc. spell style, fastidiously designed and impeccably constructed. The car from its outside will give way to the kind of taste its occupants may have.

The Inside World
The inside mirrors the outside, in terms of opulence and ostentation. A limousine is one vehicle that screams class and luxury, and there is no other way to drive around in it than conspicuously. Step inside a rental limo and you’ll skip a beat or two. The sprawling J seats dressed in pre-heated succulent leather welcome the passengers in a regal style. The leg and head rooms of the cabin are as good as your living room, nothing like the mess hall where hundreds jostle in with their cutleries. The fiber optic mood lighting connected to the touch control panel sets the temper of the ambience. 
A Drive Around 
There is no better way of arriving at a public event, be it a fund raising or weekend party than on a limousine. Even taking a tour through the crowded streets of Istanbul is a promising experience. The streets are seamless as they are, and so is the ride. Notwithstanding their plus size, the vehicles can maneuver through the lanes lucidly. So, if you wish to explore the exoticness of the city in no less grandeur than a sultan would, hire a limousine today. 
So surf the street in panache on an Istanbul limousine. The world outside a deluxe limo cabin is definitely not merrier than that inside. 
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