Point to Point


Finding your way through the vibrant inlands of Turkey’s largest city can be an experience, but not when the mood or time is inappropriate for exploration. Istanbul, the glorious city that serves as a gateway to the either half of the globe has many points of interest that getting to them might get confusing if you are not guided. Every year, innumerable tourists pour into the city for business trips or sabbatical. We make travelling within the city simple for them with the point to point transfer Istanbul limo service. As always, we have a fleet of top-class, richly-equipped, chauffeured vehicles at your service to drive you from one part of the city to anything in maximum luxury possible on wheels.


Point-to-Point: The Options We Have

Our point-to-point transfer service is available for single and both ways, depending on the nature of your visit. You may have our chauffeur drive you down to the point from your location in a bare-minimum time frame. The two-way point-to-point transfer has two options; you can either hire the vehicle for the entire duration or let the go. If you’re unsure of how long it’d take you, then you may opt for the first and let the chauffeur wait upon you until you’re ready to leave. 


Otherwise, if you do not want to keep the car hired for so long, you can just give them your schedule, and we’ll have them arrive to pick up and give you a point-to-point service even prior to time. Alternately, if you want just a one-way service, we entertain the request the same way. Our driver will pick you up from the given spot and drop you to your destination within the required time. 


Booking the Service

Booking our limousine service is easy through our website. We’ll just need the details of the location and we are done. Use our website booking service to request a point to point transfer service at minimum hassle. the type of service among our range, and specify the pickup time. Next, mention the number of passenger we’ll be accommodating and the exact zip code of the place of pick-up. Lastly, fill in the service date and move on to find a limousine of your choice. The find button directs you to the virtual version of our fleet where you can see and read about the limousines we have in store. Depending on their availability and your guests’ expectations, you can pick one. The best thing about the search filter is that the website will only show you vehicles that are big enough to accommodate the mentioned number of passengers.


Chauffeured Service

Istanbul Limousine’s point to point transfer service is mostly chauffeured and that makes journeying through the unknown streets of the city like nothing. The drivers are all certified trainees and have experience in driving in the city for years. They are aware of all the shortcuts open and all routes to the important city points. Hence, finding a route that takes you to the place in minimum time does not even take a furtive glance through the map.