Prince’ Island Tours


Princes' Islands, locally known as “The Islands” makes the best escape destination for a day in total natural sanctuary. The islands float in the southeastern zone of the Sea of Marmara, which makes accessibility to the rest of the country a cut-off. However, its all for the good because the traffic mayhem can, by no means, be made to fit in the serene and solitary setting of Prince’s Island. Though bikes and horse-drawn carriages are the most-used mediums of communication there, the beauty of sailing to and around the islands still remains unbeaten. 


We have a wide ion of ferries that you may pick from to travel to the island and back. Even though sea buses are available, it’s best to use your own medium of commute to experience the place at its best. Istanbul Limousine conducts multiple Prince’ Island Tours in and around the place. You may take a full day trip, or early morning tours with us, if you are pressed for time. Our full day trip starts early in the morning and ends by dusk. We serve three meals during the tour hours if you have hired a manned yacht. If you take a yacht all by yourself, then you can cook yourself and your friends some nice dinner by yourself at an anchor point. 


We have a preset itinerary that you can be customized as per your requirements. Call us today with any query you have in mind. Talk to our representatives today to make a booking.