Private Charter


Private Jet Leasing

Looking forward to get the best private air charter experience? If yes, Istanbul Limousine private jets are ready to offer you all the comfort, convenience and privacy you are looking for. Our private jet leasing services are designed for the business-class travelers who want to travel in their private airplanes and follow their own schedule and itinerary. We have been offering this service for the last one decade and we are now a full-spectrum aircraft leasing company catering to Turkish and foreign travelers who are ready to splurge on luxury transportation. We have offices in major Turkish cities and we will be able to meet your requirements, no matter how unusual they are. We are committed to deliver you the best private jet experience. 


Leasing a Private Jet – Flexibility and Simplicity Infused

At Istanbul Limousine, we love to pleasantly surprise our esteemed clients. Almost all the aircrafts available for leasing are configured for ensuring your optimal comfort and luxury. Business travelers prefer our leasing services for many reasons that include: 


- Access to thousands of private jets

- Allowed to handpick a jet model and make for each trip

- No upfront capital disbursal

- Highest passenger safety measures taken

- Best-in-class logistics management solutions


Istanbul Limousine business model – A brief overview

We do not own and operate the jets that we offer to our business and leisure travelers. We have built a unique business model that has been tried and tested several times before we launched our services. We are a part of a large network of private jet carriers and offer our clients with a wide ion of luxury jets.


Easy search features for making the process easy

Our website features easy search functions that are aimed at streamlining the process of finding the right aircraft. You can use our website to get detailed information on specific aircrafts, flight routes, itinerary and much more. Our friendly and professional personal account managers are there to help you in choosing a private jet for you and your family. We operate on a 24/7 basis and you can call our helpline for getting information on any aircraft type, model, capacity or performance.


Compliant with highest safety standards

Our private jet leasing services are compliant with environmental and government guidelines as well as we adhere to the highest safety standards as mandated by the FAA. Our pilots are all ed through rigorous ion procedure and we take pride in the Istanbul Limousine that we have the most efficient professionals in our covey of pilots. Besides, all our flights are double-checked for possible faults in the engine and other parts before flying. We produce trip-specific safety assessment reports to ensure safety of our passengers in the sky. 


How to charter a flight?

Chartering a flight through us should be an extremely easy affair. All you have to do is find our contact Istanbul Limousine details on this website and do let us know your preferences. We will arrange the best private jets for you.