Sirkeci Train Station


A land that is often called the melting pot of culture, food, architecture, buzzing social life and breathtakingly beautiful sights, Turkey holds resplendence galore. For all those interested to visit this country, do not miss out on Istanbul and its wonders. While it may give you the jitters thinking about the expenses and its likelihood of setting you back by a fortune, we say you are wrong. Our company of repute, Istanbul Limousine is aware of client expectations and hence provides services that will suit perfectly to their needs and budget.


If you are arriving by train to Istanbul, Sirkeci and Haydarpasa are the two main railway stations. Also known as the last stop of Orient Express, Sirkeci enjoys a large number of passengers daily. Trains bound for Thessalonica, Athens, Belgrade, Sofia, Bucharest and Budapest (with transfers to Munich and Vienna) usually leaves from this renowned station. Now depending in your convenience, you make a choice how you wish to arrive and also at the time of your departure. As one of the premier car and transportation based companies in Istanbul, we suggest you make your bookings in advance. Our drivers are highly professional and will escort you in plush limos to ensure comfort and relaxation.


Basically, Sirkeci station was designed by the Prussian architect August Jasmund. Though officially named Istanbul Gar, the station that was formally inaugurated in February 11th, 1888 was named Sirkeci for allowing people, to differentiate it from Haydarpasa Gar. Earlier the station enjoyed Istanbul’s rich legacy for it formed the historic terminus for trains from Edirned and Europe. Presently, the station has adopted a new purpose as an important stop on the cross-Bosphorus line. The Sirkeci district today is gaining popularity by the day and as regards train travel is concerned, the future looks quite promising too. This can be said for a number of high speed trains will connect Istanbul with other cities of Turkey, most of which are under construction.


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So without wasting time, plan a quick trip to Istanbul. Though airport transfers are more frequent to trains, yet our Sirkeci train station transfers have all the amenities that you could expect from the former. Make reservations in advance and we will be more than glad to receive you.