Sports Car Hire
Sports Car Hire

We also keep a couple of sports cars in our fleet for riders who are addicted to speed and performance. Take a look at the models herein to find what matches your taste. 


- BMW 320i:  This sports car comes with a classy interior, hardtop cabriolet and sporty acceleration. Ensuring great roof operation, the BMW engineers have designed just the perfect hard top. BMW 320i is built with dynamic stability, roll-over protection system, knee protection, traction control and air bags. 


- Mitsubishi Pajero: This 7-seat SUV is reliable and runs incredibly on road. Moreover, it has a sophisticated exterior and is equipped with modern-day interior. Its off-road capabilities coupled with superb manoeuvrability makes it a great sports car hire option. Above all, this amazing car is equipped with rugged front end and has ground-hugging stance. On hiring this car one can experience a sporty feel as well as the luxury of being in a sedan. 


Make your pick from the list of cars available, at never-before rental prices.