Operational Standards

Istanbul Limousine is one of the largest and continuously expanding limo rental companies in Istanbul. We also offer air charter, hotel reservation and guided tour services. Owing to our compliance with highest operational standards, we have been able to offer impeccable service to our valued customers. Here below is a brief overview of the operational standards we religiously follow.

Centralized management coordination

Accountability forms the core of our professional ethics. We have adopted the single-window reservation facilitation framework to ensure your ultimate luxury and convenience. Having our operational centers on both sides of the Bosphorus, and a centripetal management vision, our key objective is to streamline the reservation process for our esteemed clients. We have our dedicated contact centre assistants who can answer your queries and find you the best limos within your budget. There’s absolutely no need to contact third-party providers.

Safety and Security

Passenger safety and security happens to be our highest priority. Our chauffeurs need to undergo mandatory background check before we appoint them and need to pursue specially designed safety trainings after joining. Besides, we also conduct performance audits at regular intervals to check whether our drivers meet the highest standards of care.

How chauffeured are screened and checked?

We perform routine and random DUI (Driving under the Influence) to eradicate possibilities of drunk driving. We highly value customer feedbacks and retrain/eliminate/rate drivers based on client feedbacks. Defensive driving training is a must for all our drivers. Drivers are all duly licensed and they are knowledgeable about driving laws and requirements.

How vehicle safety is ensured?

We replace every vehicle or aircraft in our fleets with newer ones at regular intervals. We also check vehicles regularly for consistency. We also regularly perform security audits of vehicles in our fleet. We follow the highest risk management protocols and rely largely on local expertise and centralized management. We are one of the time-tested leaders in the Turkish transportation industry.

Trustworthy affiliates

We vet vendors carefully before partnering with them. Besides, our affiliates have service level agreements with us and are regularly appraised.

Insurance Coverage

We have public liability insurance coverage, which enables us to offer completely safety to our customers.

- Data Security/Confidentiality

We collect customer data, store and transmit the same using 128-bit encryption and we have the most sophisticated data security architecture in place. Our employees have non-disclosure agreements with us and data security breach is something which you will not experience while hiring a limousine through us.

Innovative Technology

We are currently developing a Smartphone app which will make reservation a cakewalk for you. Just watch this space for more s on that. Besides, we have always been an admirer and early adopter of sophisticated technologies and we can surely bring you the benefits that we reap through that.

Flight Tracking

Our air traffic control officers have years of experience with some of the leading airlines companies in Turkey and we have superior infrastructure in place to track flights in air and control air traffic. Our officers also keep in constant touch with major airports and ATC centers across the country.