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Turkey is one of the most happening of the Mediterranean destinations that are popular with private yacht sailing. Every year, millions of people pour into the city to experience yachting in private in the mystique blue water of Bosphorus. Skipper and non-skippered, Istanbul Limousine offers yachts that are of different sizes and depths, depending on your cruising plans. You may hire one of our rental cruises and go sailing into the depth of the blues, or hire a captained cruise to take you around the sailing areas, stopping at every point of interest. We keep two types of recreational vessels, yachts and bare boats for rental. They are equipped with a tiller, a fully furnished cockpit chamber, dinghies, well-kept cabins and so much more. 

You can take on out to enjoy a romantic holiday in the solitude of the Mediterranean or throw a yacht party for your guests for a bedazzling evening of fun, frolic and socializing. We have in our list a couple of rental packages that you may avail to have a great sailing experience at the Bosphorus. We have preset sailing routes within the permitted sail zone that encompasses all the major attractions. We have halting points in our trip schedule where passengers are allowed to leave the vessel and explore the nearest attraction on foot. You may also hire a crewed yacht for parties to get catered all the necessary services.

For all our destinations, we offer short day trips, romantic evening trips, water sports trips as well as week-long holiday trips. We understand the time-squeeze tourists often facing trying to cover all the star attractions of the country within the restrictions of a timeframe. We even appoint guides on board so that curators can inform the tourists many fun and significant facts about the places that complete the travel experience. 



Private Yacht Charter: If you prefer not to travel in groups, then hiring a private yacht might be the best thing for you. Having a yacht entirely to yourself is a privilege that most are ready to afford because of the experience that comes with it. It is usually a bucket list entry for most to sail in the Caribbean blues in a private yacht that has the world’s best cabin. You can be out there alone if you can rely on your sailing skills, but that is as long as you maintain the sailing borderline. Otherwise, you may hire our skippered private yachts if you intend to leave the boat at any point and dash into the water for a marine adventure. 


Our yachts, skippered or not, are generously loaded with water sport gears, food and wine, safety kits, etc. with a constant radio communication with the station. You may cook yourself a tastefully appeasing meal, or have a crewed yacht to set all you want on the table. Our rental prices are very reasonable which makes the option of hiring a private yacht comfortably practical. 


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