About Us

We are an Istanbul based limousine hire service provider, having affiliations with some of Turkey’s best limo companies Istanbul Limo. We offer nationwide limo hire services for both business and leisure tourists. Thanks to our decade long presence in the Istanbul limousine hire industry and continued efforts of our people for betterment of services, we have become highly knowledgeable about what prospective clients may look for.

Therefore, we can construe your requirements even if you fall short of words ahead of a tour or even where you expect the grandiose presence of a limousine. Be it your wedding anniversary or a corporate hospitality event, we can send the limo of your choice right in front of the doorstep of your home or the hotel you have chosen to stay in.

Istanbul Limo – Luxury on Wheels

We are a Istanbul based limo rental service provider having our carports all across the city and beyond. We are a part of a nationwide car rental chain with having our operating centers in all the big Turkish cities. Having our main operating base in Istanbul, the beautiful port city of Turkey, we are confident to meet the precise requirements of our clients. Our fleet of cars includes some of the top-of-the-line automobiles from the house of all the big manufacturers and we are committed to ensure finest luxury for the business/leisure travelers who often look for luxury vehicles while in Istanbul or any other big city of Turkey.