İstanbul Hotels

If you are headed for Istanbul and you are too optimistic about catching a breathtaking view of the Bosphorus, you need to find the best hotels in Istanbul. Luxury hotels in Istanbul are primarily centered in the upscale neighborhoods in the city. Some of the best boutique hotels are clustered in th

Apartments in İstanbul

Luxury apartments in Istanbul You are planning a one-month business or leisure trip to Istanbul and you are looking for affordable accommodation. Should you stay in a hotel? No, they are too expensive for a one-month stay. Should you go for villas? No, they are even more expensive. Go for luxury ap

İstanbul Limousine: Villa

Owning or renting a villa in Istanbul may seem to be difficult because of its language and vastness of the city. In other European cities, buying an apartment has become less troublesome, thanks to numerous search websites who act as a guide whereas Istanbul does not proffer adequate search options

Business and Trip Limo Service in Istanbul

İstanbul is accelerating rapidly as one of the biggest cosmopolitan economies of the world and it is witnessing the congregation of visitors across the globe, making it the fifth- most-sought after tourist destination of the world. The city owes its popularity to the archaic traditions and heritage

İstanbul Limo: Explore the City in Comfort and Style

İstanbul is growing more and more as a congregation of tourists and visitors of different ulterior motives across the globe. Some visit Istanbul with the purpose of touring the city, some with financial and business proposal. Besides, Istanbul, with all its grandeur and traditional Ottoman architect

Celebrate Your Wedding in a Grand Style with Limousines

Wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life and it deserves a grand celebration. After wrapping up all the essentials of your wedding the next vital thing that will strike your mind is that finding a good and comfortable travel option. If your wedding destination is in Istanbul, then find

How to Pick a Reliable Istanbul Limo Hire Company

Whether it is for airport transfer, city tour or those special occasions, a limo can be the perfect vehicle to hire. This sedan car offers great facility to the passengers. You can therefore enjoy a comfortable and fun ride while travelling. Well, travelling can sometimes become a bit hectic if no c

Limousines: Beauty on Wheels

Stretch limousines, the pinnacle of luxury automobiles, are a class apart from other saloon cars. While all models, regular and exclusive side up, the limousines collect on the other side, drawing a line of distinction by the characters of luxury and élan. However, as king-size and kingly the

Different Istanbul Limo Models to Hire

There are a few special occasions in life, which require using of limousines. Be it weddings, anniversaries or any other special event, limousines can be hired to offer comfortable transportation services. The limousines come in various shapes and sizes. Amongst all, the stretch limousines are the m

Istanbul Limo; Indulge in the New Dimension of Extravagance

Istanbul is a place that is synonymous with grandeur, opulence and self-indulgence and the city harbours an equally luxurious service of renting out a limousine for different occasions. Whether it is a birthday or a bachelor party, a wedding or an anniversary celebration, a prom night or a Valentine

Enjoy a Smooth and Luxurious Ride with Istanbul Limo Services

Who said you have to be from royalty to receive a royal service? When in Istanbul, you will realize that every guest of the city is treated as royalty, with utmost devotion and care. As a tourist if you wish to enjoy the fabulous sites and places of Istanbul, you can hire the Istanbul limo services