Prestige Cars Hire

Take a look at our range of prestige cars that we have put up for hire. We have ively gathered the best of the automobiles in the market to build this section.

- BMW 3 Series: One of the greatest strengths of BMW 3 series is its excellent steering that comes with the ultimate grip. Believe it or not, the BMW 3 series is regarded as the highest performer in the range. Featuring stiffer suspension, they offer a more responsive drive. Moreover, with its manual shift mode it enables the drivers to choose their preferable gear. Also, it comes with an extra ‘Drive Performance Control’ program that sharpens the vehicle’s throttle response.

- Ferrari FF: Equipped with 6.3 litre V12 engine, Ferrari FF gives a power-pack performance. Individuals who are looking for cars with the ability to tackle tough driving challenges, Ferrari FF are definitely the one. Moreover, it comes with quick steering, thereby making the machine light to handle.

- Hummer H3: Though it is the smallest in the lines of Hummer models, it is the ideal for inner-city driving. Originally manufactured for military use, this car can get around easily and virtually handle all obstacles. Hire Hummer H3 to enjoy safe and comfortable trip.

- Volkswagen EOS: Featuring a sliding sunroof, Volkswagen let you enjoy your ride. Other than its impressive design it also comes with many safety features such as, antilock disc brakes, stability control and pop-up bars. Also, it has front side airbags, which provides head protection to the passengers.

- Audi Q7: This is a prestigious car that comes with SUV features and luxury design. Comes with mid-size frame, Audi Q7 is quite spacious inside. It has a high ground clearance and elevated seating. The best part about them is that they are designed with the most advance driving technology. This car can be used for city to city transfer and family outings.

- Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe: Inspired from the Phantom concept, this car has 4-seat cabriolet and two doors. Drophead Coupe is manufactured with a luxurious interior having both classic and futuristic appeal. If you are in Istanbul for your wedding, this car is undoubtedly the right one.

Pick the ones that suit your style and budget and take a dream ride across the city.