Istanbul Limo; Indulge in the New Dimension of Extravagance
Istanbul is a place that is synonymous with grandeur, opulence and self-indulgence and the city harbours an equally luxurious service of renting out a limousine for different occasions. Whether it is a birthday or a bachelor party, a wedding or an anniversary celebration, a prom night or a Valentine’s Day dinner, Istanbul limo service has a car fit for any of these occasions. Besides any commemorative event, Istanbul limo service caters to executives on a business trip and even to visitors on tour. 
With an immaculate fleet of luxurious limousines, Istanbul offers an unforgettable experience in driving through the city in panache. Clients awaiting a celebratory conveyance that offers both comfort and finesse should look for a Stretch limo. In general, the stretch limos hold the most elegant, roomy and lavish interior that can accommodate 6 to 20 passengers in it. Stretch limos are best suited for occasions like birthday party, prom night, bachelor parties and wedding events which prove to be an ideal place for a little after party. The Stretch limos are most favoured ones compared to other vehicles of the fleet because of its multifaceted options and entertainment facilities. However, a limo bus has a better capacity at accommodating more passengers. Where more people signify more merriment, a limo bus should be the ideal choice for both luxury and fun. The limo buses are very effective with the provisions specified for entertainment and luxury that makes the journey across the city worthwhile.
A Limo bus can accommodate 20 to 30 passengers and it can easily make room for a party or night outs or even other occasions like a family trip. Moreover, a limo bus is flexible and its facilities can be customised according to the demands of the client. For example, if the client intends on having an in-house party inside the limo bus, it can make room for it by just installing mirrored illuminated ceilings and a quality music system. All these facilities are offered without asking to compromise on the service promised by the provider. The limo buses are very spacious and roomy, hence very comfortable bestowing a peaceful, uninterrupted travel.
Besides stretch limos and limo buses, Istanbul limo services also offer luxury sedans and SUVs. The luxury SUVs are popular for their ultimate provision for relaxation and justified room for accommodating the passengers comfortably. A limousine travel has an ulterior motive of driving in style and these limos serve that purpose right.
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