Meet and Greet

International airports in Turkey like the Ataruk Airport and the Sabiha Gokcen airport are busy hubs. They keep teeming with passengers for the better part of the twelve months. In all probability it is only natural for you to lose your way out of the arrival halls.

Our meet and greet chauffeured services have been designed to make the ride from the airport to your destination easy and convenient. The operational expenses of the service are paid by Istanbul Limousine.

  • - Under the service, our trained chauffeurs meet guests at the arrival hall. From there, guests are accompanied to their preferred mode of conveyance: taxi, limo, transfer cars or shuttles.
  • - Our dedicated Meet and Greet team has been trained by professional tourism experts.
  • - To ensure premium service standards, we provide on-job training to our staff.
  • - All our staff members have been to all major 5 Star hotels in and around Istanbul. They are acquainted with the most convenient routes to these hotels from Istanbul airports.
  • - Istanbul Limousine provides the most intense reservation training to its chauffeurs.
  • - All Meet and Greet team members are dressed in proper Istanbul limousine attires. You will not have the slightest problem identifying them.

The cardinal objective of our Meet and Greet service is to offer a personalized service to your guests from the moment they land in Istanbul until they reach their destination.

Client Coordination

Our Meet and Greet service is a great way to coordinate with clients. If you have international clients visiting you in Istanbul, we have the answers to a laundry list of your client related inhibitions. Firstly, you do not need to ask your clients to take the bewildering public transport. Losing a client can never be an option for your business.

Asking an employee to go and receive a client can also send across a wrong signal to the client. Your client might well be led to believe that you have undervalued your own employees. Then, a nagging employee will be the last thing you want your client to witness. With our Meet and Greet services, you ensure nothing but premium treatment for your clients.

Our professional chauffeur meets your clients at the airport. The chauffeur holds a banner with the client’s name printed on it. This will help your client out of the crowded arrival halls. As a rule rigorously followed at Istanbul Limousine, our chauffeur helps your client with the luggage. Once they are escorted to the exquisite limo, the message is loud and clear to the client.

The mere fact that you have a vehicle booked for your client sends out a strong signal that you care for them. Needless to mention, half the impression is made at the airport itself.

On the whole, our meet and greet services are the ideal foil for you if you are on your first visit to Istanbul. Losing your way out of the airport is never a great way to begin a trip to Istanbul. To avail of our meet and greet services, contact us today.