Health Tourism

Turkey, in recent times, has proven to be one of the most-preferred destinations for Health Tourism, what with a huge section of tourists pouring into the city with medical consideration and purpose in mind. Istanbul, as Turkey’s largest city, hosts a number of medical centers with avant-garde infrastructure and quality care service. People from all over the world fly into the country with the purpose of availing advanced medical facilities and depart with the satisfactory results.

Medical Tourism: An Emergent Industry

Health tourism, alternatively known as medical tourism, is a popular concept in today’s time when the cost of medical treatment has taken a walk uphill. People, nowadays, prefer to seek medical treatment outside their domestic borders with hopes of reaping advantage of cost-effective treatment elsewhere. Usually, the travel is made from a less-developed nation to developed ones in order to obtain the benefits of quality infrastructures in swanky hospitals. But, this initial trend has now bended to patients travelling to the lesser developed nations with advanced medical facilities to avail the cost benefits. Another reason for the same is the legality of certain treatments in one’s home country.

Why Us

Turkey, over the last few years, has come up as one of the first few choices of destinations for medical tours. Istanbul Limousine has, since the start of health tourism in Turkey has been one of the key coordinators. Over time, we have developed a lot of polish in this, currently offering dedicated and trusted services for all patients with a health concern related to their visit. There are multiple reasons why people travelling to Istanbul prefer to get around with us. Check out a few of them:

  • - We have ample practical knowledge in the health tourism, having explored the arena for years now.
  • - We make sure that our clients willing to undergo treatment during their sabbatical are in safe hands.
  • - This can be assured because we are partnered with some of the best accredited healthcare organizations in the city.
  • - The treatment rates charged by our network of hospitals are normally lesser than those outside.
  • - We protect medical records, confidential information and payment details of our clients at all times.
  • - Our agency does not charge any additional on the hospital bills, clinical costs, etc.
  • - We have professionals who are always available to make suggestions on procedures and hospitals that will be apt for the treatment sought.
Our Team at Your Service

Istanbul Limousine schedules the meeting by each step so that everything is carried out properly and the travelers enjoy utmost convenience. We make sure everything in the travel package is arranged, right from pickup to lodging, hospital to doctor and those in between. Our representatives contact with the chosen health consultants or institutions, prior to the date of travel so that an appointment is booked already. Our team will receive you from the Istanbul International airport and transfer you to the hotel that is booked for your lodging. On the scheduled date, they will come and pick you up from the mentioned spot and take you to the doctor or hospital. As required, they’ll escort you back or offer all sorts of assistance in between.