Professional Tour Guide

Aside the airport transfer services, we also provide customized professional tour guides to our guests. Our guides are thoroughly trained in hospitality and take good care of guests. Our guides see to it that you have proper tickets before entering touring sites. Queues for buying tickets at tourist spots like the Topkapi Palace or Ayasofya can be painfully long. Our guides will help you find a place in the shade while they go and buy tickets at the ticket window.

Our professional tour guides realized that you have limited time. To help you make the most efficient use of your invaluable travel time, our guides ensure that you do not have to waste time unnecessarily in traffic jams.

Hiring a tour guide from Istanbul Limousine can be particularly helpful if you need someone who wields good knowledge of local Istanbul environs. They are also familiar with the best photography angles and locations in most popular tourist spots in Istanbul.

As required by law, all our professional tour guides receive extensive training before they are deployed in customer services. We are thorough believers in client satisfaction and our guides are trained accordingly.

Local Assistance

A great Istanbul trip can never be fun without help from locals. All our professional tour guides are thoroughly versed with local customs and jargons. They stay with you all the while during the tour and help you savour the best in the local cuisine, local dialect, local art, road shows and what have you. The best part – they help you communicate with the locals of Istanbul, from which you take back a better understanding of the Turkish culture. Imperatively, our professional tour guide will also save you from being duped by fraudsters.

Istanbul is a classy assortment of some of the most happening destinations in the Middle East. It is all but natural that you might have an addled head over the choices you make. For your convenience, our professional guide will help you make the most informed decision at the brink of the moment. Be it the choice of restaurant, bar, club, live concert or road show, we have all the answers in our pocket. Furthermore, our guides are experts at suggesting options that fit comfortably within your budget bracket.

A Talent to Uncover

Any tour can get monotonous as you get on with it. There can be that odd evening when you do not want to repeat the night club episode like the previous four evenings. On such occasions, all you need is a companion to bite time together. Each of our professionally trained tourist guides is a box of talent. Someone is a singer, the other a great host and the odd guide might just turn out to be a gifted poet. You can spend hours with them without having to worry about what is to be done next.

Our tour guides observe the highest standards in hospitality. Should you need any sort of help from them, please feel free to lend voice to your thought.