The greatest attraction of Turkey is its effervescent diversity. As it is, Turkey is a land of colors that envelop the essence of orient and occident in its center-of-the-world position. Istanbul, the largest of the Turkish cities makes the most promising shopping center for the global tourists who come looking for bona fide Turkish merchandises for honest prices. The place is catered with open-air markets where scenes of haggling is staple, and so is the ginormous collection of commodities that look, taste and smell Turkey. Though the open-air markets may look a little chaotic, both the high-street stores and flea markets should be explored to shop effectively.

The stores sell endless varieties of products that start with Turkish Kilms to rare antiques and everything in between. Listed here are five hot-spots where shoppers should pay a visit to while vacationing in Turkey. Each of these markets serves as opulent destinations selling keepsakes and utile products, Turkish quilts and Kilms, Eastern, Western and Turkish apparel, copper and ceramic items, jewelry, silk fabric, timber goods, maps, books and alabaster. Istanbul Limousine lists out a few places that stand as shoppers’ magnet in Turkey. Do include these spots in your itinerary to find something worth picking when you hit these places.

Zorlu Center: Zorlu is at the very heart of Istanbul, standing as one of the first New York-styled shopping complex in Turkey. Lighting up a craze for all-Western commodities among the locals, the mall is the hosting premise for all upscale brands. Both Westerners and Easterners are delighted by the iconic cube store layout of the malls, coupled with all the best brands putting up their collection for the shoppers to claim. The center hosts stores by Crook Brothers, Superdry, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Industrie, Denim, Pormellato, Cos and many other market-leading New Yorkian brands.

To top it all, the mall hosts stores by fashion giants of the best kind like Saint Laurent, Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino, Tiffany & Co, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Cavalli, Burberry, Moncler, Michael Kors, Mont Blanc, Sevan, Vakko, Sponza, Max&Co., Urart and more.

Istinye Park: Istinye Park offers the complete mall experience with shopping, theatre, eating and event hosting facilities. Huge as it is, the mall hosts stores franchised by both Turkish and international brands. Istinye Park has about 291 stores set up over a retail expanse of 85,250 sqm. Massive as it is, it has four different level of parking underground. Like many other Turkish shopping complexes, this one has both enclosed and roof-less sections where shoppers can sit around and hang out. The mall also has sections where street-side shops are set up selling ornaments, bags and other kinds of accessories. However, what makes the place a marvel for most is its distinguished architecture that has been borrowed from the historical buildings from the previous eras. The place also holds a traditional Turkish food mart where all sorts of raw, frozen, half-cooked and fully cooked Turkish delicacies are served by the locals.

That’s just not all, as the Grand Rotunda is what’s still left out. There is a huge entertainment space at the center of the mall which is segmented into four different levels with a scalloped shell on top. The Rotunda’s kinetic water constructions that put up an animated light and music show is a spectacle to behold.

Grand bazaar: 60 streets, 5000 shops and 400,000 visitors make what stands as the largest covered market in Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar. Well-known for its colossal collection of jewelry, Turkish carpets, hand-painted ceramic crockery, the bazaar is lined up with stores grouped by their merchandise types. Serving as the point of trade and commerce since as early as 1461, the market is like a labyrinth with too many streets, numberless stores and twin vaults. Aside the specialty, the market offers leather goods, candlesticks, copperware, pearl mirror, watches and much more. The variety of jewelry sold at Grand Bazaar consists of the rarest and most exotic items.

Apart from the regular gold and silver jewels, they have amber prayer bead, coral pieces, turquoise-inlaid items, etc. Aside other cafes, it also has multiple Turkish-styled cafes, hamams and mosques. Of all, Grand Bazaar of Istanbul brilliantly captures the wonderful, romantic essence of old Istanbul.

Kanyon Shopping Mall: This one is a multipurpose tower located at the business district of Istanbul, called Şişli. Inaugurated about 8 years back in 2006, this one unites a total of 160 stores. Added to that is a 30 floor office section and above, a 22-floor residential complex. While the dramatic architecture is a show stealer, the complex also houses 9 movie theatres that can host a total of 1,600 spectators. Aside the parking facility of the building has room for 2,300 automobiles. The greatest show of the mall is its canyon-like structure that was designed by the American Jerde Partnership and executed by IMS Engineering, after which the mall is named Kanyon.

Bagdat Street: Bağdat Avenue in Istanbul, on the Anatolian side is a high street that runs from east to west of Kadıköy and Maltepe districts. The street is said to be one of the plushest open-air shopping streets in the city, hosting a series of shops big and small. The street, flanked on both sides by a twin line of trees, houses, small make-shift shops, departmental stores, shopping centers, upscale fashion stores, car dealers, bank agencies, pubs, bars, cafes, and much more. The market throughout is open on all days of the week except Sunday afternoons. The place usually offers a congested sight with crowded sidewalks, busy stores and clogged traffic, not unlike Grand Bazaar, only in an open-air setting.

Shopping in Istanbul is fun when you have listed down the places you have to hit in order to save the pocket pinch and scrape maximum merchandise without losing your purse. Take some time out to explore each of these places and you don’t need to have a list of things to be bought. The collection will not only get you spoilt for a choice, but will also take you overboard on the list. Try to be accompanied by a local Turk friend for effective bargain. Avail Istanbul Limousine service to shop around in the city’s finest merchandise destinations.