Concierge Services

Enjoy hassle-free travel with Air Charter Turkey as we stay busy in prearranging things for you even before your flight takes off from the departure point. Air Charter Turkey’s concierge agents are fully authorized to offer you dedicated and personalized service in all the airports and civil aviation bases in Turkey and in ed airports in other parts of the world as well. Our professionally trained concierge agents can be recognized from a distance as they are dressed in distinguishable uniforms and carry identification cards during working hours. These agents are deployed conveniently so that they can receive you from check-in areas and escort you through the departure gates, not to mention meeting all the exit formalities in the course.

Caretaking services that extend beyond airport premises

We are primarily a chartering service provider committed to ensure hassle-free and peaceful journey for all our passengers. If you require an authorized agent to escort you through the airport terminal who can become a custodian of your belongings during when you are busy meeting the check-out formalities, we are there to serve you with a smile. Our specialized concierges work in accord with the personal account managers who usually take care of the precise requirements of the Air Charter Turkey travellers onboard. They can take care of the check-out formalities and save you from the hassles associated with the process by extending their helping hand. They are young, proactive and dynamic professionals who can ensure a completely stress-free air journey for you. Moreover, we can arrange ground transportation and cargo handling services for you.

Serving domestic and international travellers 24/7

Air Charter Turkey agents who offer concierge services operate on a round-the-clock basis and they can liaise with the check-in and check-out desks and can complete the required paperwork online on your behalf (wherever applicable). Our work starts long before you arrive and we can liaise with your airlines ground desk in case you are arriving in or departing from any domestic/international airport in Turkey by a scheduled flight. Our dedicated agents will meet you outside the restricted area of the airport, whisk you off through the check-out terminal and take appropriate care of your baggage as well.

Avoid long queues and exasperating airport exit/entry formalities

Air Charter Turkey works towards the comfort and convenience of the esteemed passengers who decide to avail our extended services. Our services are aimed at making air travel a lot easier for you. We pay special attention to first-time travellers as they are not really conversant with these rules and regulations. With us, you can save your precious time and travel with peace of mind.

We are always happy to keep serving you at the best quality standards. If you ever have something pleasant to say to us, we will be happy to listen. If you have something unpleasant, we are more than happy to extend a hand for help. For more information on our concierge services, do not hesitate to call our number or write to us.