Best Night Clubs in Istanbul

Istanbul is the city of long, heavy and gluttonous nights. Night clubs in the city are at the centre of all these attributes. If you are planning on a night tour through the meandering curves of the Bosphorus, you might as well cast a glance at the best night clubs in the city.


Reina is easily the most glittery night club of Istanbul. Primarily populated by Istanbul’s elite investment bankers, the club now exercises a much greater reach. Revellers from all communities can now be seen flocking the premise of Reina. The place also houses, what is by many estimates, the city’s best bar. Boozers do not need to pay the 50 TL entry fee. That could just be your motivation.

Off Pera

Not a long time back, Off Pera was often an empty night club, despite being in striking vicinity of some of the most happening bars and restaurants of Istanbul. In more recent times, the place has become a teeming hub of night mongers without losing any of its own charms. There are several people in Istanbul that are regular patrons here and any one of them will write you an ode on the club. A dazzling flash of LEDs for a ceiling, an ever shrinking dance floor and an assorted bar with European and Turkish flavours introduce you to the truest of Istanbul nights.


If the electro notes set your nerves ablaze, Indigo is the place to be for you. Situated in the centre of Beyoglu, the place where you find the greater part of the city’s club aficionados, you will find the largest crowds during weekends. Local and international DJs snip and spin with Techno, Electro, disco and house. If you are looking to dance in Istanbul, you should be at Indigo anyway. Indigo has slowly spread into the neighbourhood in the form of a pub and a multi purpose lounge. You may as well spend an entire day hanging out with friends at the place.


Araf is Istanbul’s present for students. It is located right alongside the Nevizade Sokak and boasts of internationally famous shows of the local Gypsy band. The stabdalone, secluded location of Araf, on top of a dilapidated building in Beyoglu is heavily favoured by students. The bar is located atop tall flights of stairs and the main campus has some immensely large windows that offer a view of the rustic part of the Beyoglu area. Currently, Araf is a happening destination of local and international lovers of Gypsy music.


Dunia is located far from the Beyouglu area in Kadikoy on the Asian side. The neighbourhood is pleasantly hectic with some great market stalls, restaurants and a buzzing fish market. The Old Ottoman mansions have largely served as the venues for bars and pubs in the city. Dunia is easily among the best in such spots. Dunia has all rights to brag of some exquisite DJs playing exotic world music.

Tek Yon

The bear scene in Istanbul largely revolves around Tek Yon. The “sprawl quotient” of the nights at Tek Yon is variable depending on the day of the week you step into the club. Notwithstanding that, you are in for some exceptional hospitality by the people on any day of the week. With time, Tek Yon has crossed over to the mainstream from its marked oblivion and a huge flock of party goers have taken it to be their second home.


Right when you walk into 11.11, you get the feeling of entering a semi-giant labyrinth of polygons. The ceiling and walls of the club are back lit and several colours of the night keep oozing out of it. In any case, you will not know which colour is what after spending a few hours at 11.11. So take a good look at the colours right when you enter. Like the vast majority of clubs in Istanbul, 11.11 remains closed for the majority of the summer. But whenever it opens, expect to find an airtight crowd.


Floor shows in X-Large do not begin until late in the night; late as in 2 am. The concept of X-Large was that of a rebellious gay club. It soon transitioned into a fashion hub and the concurrent dressing sense of revellers might well be in the upward of your imaginative capacity. You will find men of all tastes here – starting at the Lady Gaga costume aficionados and almost ending with the Boy Burqa dancers. Do not forget to try out those X-Large pegs of whiskey on the rocks.