Rent Chauffeur

The entire Turkey experience can be a whole lot different if you have a private vehicle at your disposal. With our rent chauffeur service, you find all necessary luxury in a vehicle of your choice. Our chauffeurs are among the most trained professionals in the industry and they have none but their own standards to live up to.

Our chauffeur rent services are divided into separate services we offer for business travellers, leisure travellers, group travellers and sightseers.

Business Travellers

If you have come to Istanbul on a business trip and are looking for a dedicated car rental with chauffeur, look no further. To begin with, we have an exquisite fleet of vehicles that are available exclusively for business travellers.

If it is the first time you have come to a business trip in Istanbul, it is but natural for you to face problems traversing Istanbul streets on your own. While it might be a brave venture for you to undertake, it might just not be the most profitable experience for you. You might not be aware of the busier roads and the local driving norms. In such, you can always rent chauffeurs from us to give yourself the extra space and comfort.

Leisure Tourists

If you have chosen Istanbul for your leisure trip, you deserve felicitation before anything else. Istanbul has to be one of the best leisure destinations around the world and a look at the holiday destinations around Istanbul will affirm it for you. We, at Istanbul Limousine, strive to add more pleasure to your leisure vacation at Istanbul.

With our chauffeured car rental service, you receive the best in both cars and chauffeurs in Istanbul. All our cars are thoroughly maintained vehicles and pass routine checks every now and then. Our chauffeurs are extensively trained professionals who do not have the slightest of problems driving the toughest of vehicles.

Group Travellers

Travelling to Turkey with a group of your own can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you will have in your life. There are several people that visit Turkey in groups every year and most of them fall in need for specialized group travelling vehicles. At Istanbul Limousine, we have a long fleet of large vans and mini buses that are ideal for your group adventures around Istanbul.

All our large vehicles are driven by professional drivers and we can, on request, also arrange for a host to entertain you while travelling to areas around Istanbul.

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing tours in and around Istanbul are indispensable even if you have a short tour up the cards. Places like Ankara, Antalya, Konya and Dandelles are attractions in their own right and the Bosphorus River in Istanbul is where it all begins.

For all your sightseeing needs, we have the best luxury cars and chauffeurs that guarantee peace of mind, fun and excitement while you travel. Our trained chauffeurs are also expert guides. Expect some handy advice on the local cuisines and customs from them at the spur of the moment.