Sightseeing Tours

Istanbul houses some of the most exotic tourist locales. We, at Istanbul Limousine, organize professional and guided sightseeing tours around Istanbul to help you savour the best experience from your Turkey tour.

There are numerous places in Turkey that deserve tourist attraction and our sight seeing tours make sure that you do not miss out on any of those. Here below are some tourist destinations in Istanbul that you just cannot miss out on.


If Ankara does not attract appeal tourists more than Istanbul, it is no lesser an attraction. The Hisar, a hilltop Citadel, built in the Byzantine Empire is considered by many to be the best spot in Ankara. It overlooks the city and the view of the cityscape is stark riveting. If you have a penchant for old, rustic locales, Ankara might just be your suit.


Sitting on the Mediterranean coast, Antalya appears to be a remnant of an elevated cliff of civilization. Among the chief attractions are the walled town of Kaleici, Hadrian’s Gate, the Yivli Minare mosque, Hidirlik Kulesi and the Roman Tower. Of all locations around Istanbul, Antalya is probably the most culturally preservative.


Bodrum, by several estimates, is the birthplace of history. The father of history, Herodotus, was born in Bodrum. The crusader castle of the 15th century, Saint Peter, is situated here. The Museum of Underwater Archaeology is a fascinating spectacle Bodrum boasts of. The dwindling remnant of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is also located in Bodrum.


Bosphorus is the shallow line of distinction separating Asia and Europe. This has for long made the water body a symbol of historical amalgamation of culture, art and cuisines. The Instanbul skyline appears a dramatic sketch from Bosphorus. Water tours spanning the Bosphorus meander around several notable spots; some of which are historical heritages.


Host to the Gallipoli landings during World War I, the Dardanelles is a collection of narrow straits spread through the Mediterranean. Cities like Edirne and Burca have great historic relevance along with some breath-taking oddments of mediaeval architecture. A short road trip from the place will lead you to the scattered remains of the historical city of Troy.


Izmir is the place where the first poet of recorded History, Homer, was born. It is situated around a curving bay that is surrounded by terraced hillsides. There are several historical and geographical connotations that centre on Izmir. That said the place has now evolved into a thriving modern metropolis. Izmir also houses Kadifekale, the fourth century fortress on Mount Pagos. However, the great fire and a series of earthquakes have left only shadowy remains of the great ancient fortress.


Hailed as one of the most spiritually rich dimension of Turkey, the city of Konya is a little towards the South of Ankara. The Whirling Dervishes ceremony is hosted in Konya. The majestic event packs in a concise script of how life revolves.

Istanbul Limousine can arrange for tours to all the above mentioned places. To delve deeper into the environs around Istanbul, give us a call now.